Bombardier workers vote in favour of reciprocity agreement with Airbus

Bombardier Aerospace workers voted overwhelmingly in favour of a reciprocity agreement to govern labour relations under a future C Series partnership with Airbus.

Workers voted 92.3 per cent in favour of the letter of agreement during a special meeting on Sunday morning.

Some 4,000 Bombardier Aerospace employees were called to the meeting Montreal, as the manufacturer and Airbus are finalizing their partnership to produce C Series aircraft.

The deal would ensure that workers who switch from one company to another will not lose their pensions and will keep most of their seniority benefits.

It would also ensure that workers who are laid off from one company will be given priority for future jobs at both.

Union spokesman Dave Chartrand says the letter of agreement will be included in the collective bargaining agreements of both companies, which will be renegotiated once the partnership is finalized.