Canada and US begin sharing border-crosser information

The Canadian and U-S governments are starting to share information about who is crossing the border.

Canada's border agency has been sharing information with U-S Homeland Security about the thousands of Americans who cross into Canada each day.

The U-S government is expected to soon return to the favour regarding Canadians entering the U-S.

Officials say the exchange of information will bolster security and help enforce laws, but privacy and civil liberties advocates worry about the possibility of abuse.

Tim McSorley of the Ottawa-based International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group says the planned information exchanges go too far in monitoring the travel patterns of Canadians who have not broken any laws.

He's concerned that the information could be used to build invasive personal profiles.

Canada and the U-S agreed in 2011 to set up co-ordinated systems to track the entry and exit information of travellers.