Canada reaffirms condemnation of North Korean missile tests

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reaffirming Canada's strong condemnation of North Korea's recent ballistic missile tests.

Speaking on Parliament Hill yesterday, Trudeau echoed the concerns of other world leaders and said his government is constantly assessing such threats in regards to the safety of all Canadians.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland earlier called on North Korea to ``resume dialogue toward a political solution.''

Last week, the House of Commons defence committee held a rare summer sitting to discuss North Korea and whether Canada should consider joining the U-S ballistic missile defence shield.

The prime minister has since reaffirmed that Canada still has no interest in joining the controversial plan.

Meanwhile, the U-N Security Council strongly condemned North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday.

After an emergency meeting last night, the U-N's most powerful body called North Korea's actions ``outrageous,'' saying it was deliberately undermining peace and stability in the region.

The council called for North Korea to take ``immediate, concrete actions'' to ``reduce tensions in the Korean Peninsula and beyond.''