Canada's lobbying czar: more funding needed to meet demands, modernize registry

Canada's lobbying czar says she needs more funding to meet the growing demands of her office, and to properly modernize the country's lobbyist registry.

Commissioner Nancy Belanger says more must be done to ensure all lobbyists and politicians understand the rules, and to maintain a high level of transparency for the public, but she needs more money to do it.

The federal lobbying commissioner's office has not received an increase to its annual budget of 4.5-million dollars since it was first created 10 years ago.

Belanger says half of that pays for salaries, which leaves little room for program development and even less for updating the technical aspects of the registry itself.

As a result, the registry has been forced to forgo more modern features, such as allowing lobbyists to upload information on mobile devices.

The Treasury Board did not respond to media inquiries on Tuesday.