Canada safe from U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs for at least another month

The United States has put off imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum tariffs for another month, to June 1st.

Last night's announcement came just ahead of a deadline for tariffs to take effect and marked the second such delay over an issue that has threatened to spark a global trade war.

The White House is pausing tariffs for Canada, Mexico and the European Union and will soon announce steel and aluminum agreements with Argentina, Australia and Brazil.

The US previously reached a deal with South Korea as part of an effort to set quotas to limit the volume of steel and aluminum imports and keeping out excess Chinese supply.

The issue is of great interest to Canada, the number-one supplier of both materials to the US.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has repeatedly told US President Donald Trump that tariffs on Canada would be a bad idea, given that US military vehicles rely on Canadian metals and private-sector supply chains also use materials that criss-cross the border.