Canadian feminist questions why Trudeau government isn't doing more to create universal daycare

A Canadian feminist is saying that if Justin Trudeau is leading a feminist government, why isn't it doing more to create a universal daycare system?

The federal treasury is set to spend 7.5 billion dollars over a decade to help fund child-care spaces across the country.

Brock University's Kate Bezanson argues in a paper published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Law and Equality that the government should do more.

Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos is to be in Hamilton today to talk about the Liberals' child care commitment, which over the first three years will cost 1.3 billion dollars and potentially create or maintain 40-thousand subsidized spaces nationally.

Bezanson, an expert on feminist policy says in an interview there is a disconnect between the policies the Liberals have enacted, particularly on child care spending and new parental leave policies, and the aspirational talk about the gender equality.

She says in some cases, government policy seems to replicate those of the previous Conservative government, which the Liberals frequently criticize.