Canadians in for a nasty flu seasons, experts say

Infectious diseases experts say Canada could be staring down the barrel of a nasty flu season.

A mixed bag of viruses making the rounds across Canada, coupled with a flu vaccine that might not be all that effective in preventing the illness, is fuelling that speculation.

In its weekly FluWatch report, the Public Health Agency of Canada says the annual sneezing-coughing season began early this year -- especially with illness due to influenza-B.

The percentage of laboratory-positive tests for flu is also higher at this point on the calendar compared with previous seasons.

As of November 25th, almost 21-hundred lab-confirmed cases had been detected in various parts of the country, of which 84 per cent were influenza-A.

Those infections resulted in 371 hospitalizations, including 21 I-C-U admissions, and eight deaths.