Centenary of the end of World War One next week

One week from today will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the War to End All Wars.

Even though Armistice was 100 years ago, the legacy of the First World War can be seen and felt in every corner of Canada.

Author and historian Jack Granatstein says the war brought the country together under a common cause.

But it also created divisions, and resulted in a rise in Quebec nationalism and the death of Canada's two-party system.

The National War Memorial, where Remembrance Day ceremonies are held each year, was originally built to commemorate the nearly 61-thousand Canadians who died during the war.

John McRae's poem, In Flanders Fields, is also a remnant of the First World War.

So are income taxes.

They were supposed to be a "temporary'' measure to help pay for the war, which by 1918 had left the government around two-billion dollars in debt.