Chaleur Transportation Cooperative expected to launch Ride-Home/Dial-a-Ride service next year

The Chaleur Transportation Cooperative has a plan to provide people of the Chaleur region with safe, accessible and affordable way to get to medical appointments, local services and the grocery store.

CTC's James Mallory says the Ride-Home/Dial-a-Ride service is aimed at seniors, students, and individuals with low-income.

Those people will be able to book a ride with volunteer drivers who will be reimbursed for their mileage as well as additional insurance requirements.

Mallory says a trip to Belledune could cost as little as $13.00.

The program is expected to be rolled out some time next fall and is the first phase of the CTC's plan to implement public transportation in the region.

Mallory says phase two will see a carpooling program added followed by the CTC's long-term goal of operating minibuses.

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