Changes announced for annual moose hunt draw

A review of how the annual moose hunt draw is conducted has led to changes aiming to increase the chances for applicants who have been unsuccessful in the past.

About 60,000 residents apply to the draw each year, and government says there are 4,744 tags available for the 2019 moose hunting season.

The number of ballots available to applicants whose names haven't been drawn for at least 20 years in the random computerized draw will increase to 243 from 81.

The province says this will increase their probability of success to 93.9 per cent.

Another change will require applicants to provide proof of proper training or previous hunting experience prior to applying.

Applications for the resident moose draw open May 21st, with winners announced on July 8th.

Dean Toole, first vice-president of the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation, says they fully support the changes.

He says their members have been looking for positive changes like this for many years and thanked the minister for listening to the federation.