Citizens' committee recommends pay raise for Bathurst's mayor and councillors

An independent citizens committee has determined Bathurst's mayor and councillors aren't being paid enough.

The committee is recommending the mayor's salary be increased from $45,200 to $52,000, the deputy mayor's from $18,700 to $23,000, and an increase from $15,400 to $19,000 for councillors effective July 1st.

Committee's Ronald Godin says several factors were used to determine the increases, such as the New Brunswick Association of Francophone Municipalities' guide for remuneration of elected officials, the city budget, number of committees and working groups, as well as salaries of elected officials in comparable municipalities.

Godin says there has been no actual salary increase four Bathurst's elected officials since 2003.

The committee recommends salaries be reviewed ever three to five years.

Council is expected to vote on the matter later this month.