Commemorating MP, war vet a sign of Canada's changing attitude towards psychological harm from war

A First-World War veteran who also sat as an MP will be remembered in the foyer outside the House of Commons.

A bronze plaque bearing Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Sharpe's likeness is to be unveiled during a ceremony on Parliament Hill today, the latest sign of the country's changing attitude toward the psychological harm that Canadian soldiers have suffered from war for generations.

Sharpe took his own life after returning from the war.

The Royal Canadian Legion last week took the unprecedented step of naming the mother of the first soldier to die by suicide after serving in Afghanistan as this year's Silver Cross Mother.

He was Private Thomas Welch.

Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O'Regan said in an interview that Canadians want military members with psychological trauma to be honoured.

Sharpe was hospitalized for what they called ``nervous shock'' a few months after the war and returned to Canada.

On May 25th, 1918, he jumped from a window at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.