Communities surrounding Bay of Chaleur could team up to host 2024 World Acadian Congress

The Chaleur region along with other communities surrounding the Bay of Chaleur could end up hosting the World Acadian Congress in 2024.

An interim committee has been formed to gage interest of local municipalities in hosting the international event.

President Mario Doucet told Bathurst council last night that it would cost approximately $125,000 to submit a bid which includes a regional commitment of $30,000 over the next two to three years to get the ball rolling.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says sharing hosting duties between the Chaleur, Restigouche, and Gaspe regions would make for a world-class event.

Fongemie adds that it would do wonders for the regions' visibility.

He noted that, during council's 2017 budget exercise, a surplus fund was created that could be used to take advantage of such opportunities.

Fongemie estimates Bathurst's contribution during the early stages of planning would be approximately $10,000 to $20,000.

Doucet says the economic spin-offs of past congresses were upwards of $20 million.