Conference Board suggests Canada becoming more dependent on immigrants to fill labour needs

Chronic low income among so-called ``family-class'' immigrants is a concern that needs to be addressed.

However, the Conference Board of Canada says this is not just a humanitarian issue, it's also an economic issue.

The findings of a study released yesterday state that as the country becomes more dependent on newcomers to fill labour needs, Canada should be looking to improve the labour market barriers and quality of life for newcomers.

The study measures how the three classes of immigrants contribute to the economy.

It shows that while Canada has prioritized economic-class immigrants since the mid-1990s, family-class immigrants do more to boost retention rates and improve outcomes for immigrant families.

The findings emphasize the importance of viewing family-class immigrants through an economic policy lens given the fact Canada will continue to be dependent on a steady stream of new arrivals to maintain a sustainable level of economic growth.