Coroner's inquest into the death of Wanny Pelletier

Chief Coroner Gregory Forestell has announced an inquest into the death of Wanny Pelletier for June 24th to 26th at Edmundston Provincial Court.

Pelletier died on December 26th, 2016 from injuries sustained during his employment at Groupe Savoie Inc., an industrial facility in Saint-Quentin.

Presiding coroner Steve Gibson and a jury will publicly hear from witnesses to determine the facts surrounding this death.

The jury will have the opportunity to make recommendations aimed at preventing deaths under similar circumstances in the future.

The Coroners Act states an inquest will be held when a worker dies as a result of an accident occurring in the course of his or her employment at or in a woodland operation, sawmill, lumber processing plant, food processing plant, fish processing plant, construction project site, mining plant or mine, including a pit or quarry.