Court sees surveillance footage of Quebec City mosque shooting

Footage captured by surveillance cameras during the 2017 shooting at a Quebec City mosque shows Alexandre Bissonnette calmly murdering men lying on the carpet after they had already been shot.

The video also shows Bissonnette hiding several times behind a column in the prayer room to recharge his weapon before returning to empty his gun into the bodies of worshippers.

The carnage lasts all of two minutes and was presented by the Crown yesterday as evidence during sentencing arguments for the gunman.

Bissonnette pleaded guilty in March to six charges of first-degree murder and six of attempted murder in the mosque shooting.

Earlier in the day, Superior Court Justice Francois Huot refused media requests to release the video to the public, saying to do so would undermine the administration of justice and is not in the public interest.

Huot did allow the media to describe the content of the videos.

A woman whose husband was killed in the January, 2017 attack praised the decision, calling it a ``good start'' that would ensure her children would not see the images from the tragedy.