Critics slam New Year's Eve parody of Trudeau's trip to India

A scene mocking the prime minister's ill-fated trip to India last February was must-see TV on New Year's Eve in Quebec.

But the character playing a pot-smoking Justin Trudeau is not what has Radio-Canada on the defensive.

Instead, the French arm of the CBC has been under a barrage of online criticism from people claiming a part of the sketch involving a gorilla, with Donald Trump's signature hair and red tie, knocking over talking cows was racist and made a mockery of Indian culture.

Critics of the show, known as ``Bye bye,'' also bristled at a scene in which the Trudeau character is seated and plays a flute as gasoline-pump hoses rise from baskets on either side of him.

The broadcaster said its intention ``was in no way to disrespect the Indian community or Indian traditions or culture.''