Dalhousie declines request to apply for sports field funding

The principal of a Dalhousie high school is trying to stay positive, after a request to apply for money under the town's name for improvements to the school's sports field was declined by the town's council.

Ecole Aux Quatre Vent's Brian Landry was trying to unlock money for the $650,000 project through ACOA, but in order to do so the application would need to be made through the town.

With only so many provincial dollars to go around, Dalhousie's mayor fears applying under the town's name would lessen the likelihood of it being approved for other projects it has on its to-do list.

Landry told council at its meeting earlier this week that the project could result in larger sports events being hosted in Dalhousie.

Though it refused the application request, the town says it fully supports the project and is willing to contribute to it financially.


(with files from the Tribune)