Dalhousie votes to renew pilot program giving ATVs access to certain public streets

Dalhousie's mayor wants to see ATV riders given permission to use more of the town's streets.

On Monday, Mayor Normand Pelletier told council the machines should be allowed on any street in town, except for provincially designated roads.

He says ATVs are insured and pose no greater risk to safety than other vehicles using the town's streets.

Dalhousie currently has a pilot program allowing ATVs and off-road vehicles the use of public streets to access amenities like gas stations and restaurants but clerk-treasurer Gilles Legacy says that it needs to be renewed if council wants to keep it on the books.

New Brunswick ATV Federation's Jacques Poirier tells the Tribune that several New Brunswick communities allow ATVs on their streets and have seen some economic benefits as a result.

Council agreed to renew the pilot project, however a deadline to draft the bylaw has not yet been set.

(with files from the Tribune)