David Saint-Jacques recovering nicely after return from lengthy mission in space

David Saint Jacques

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques says he's adapting well to life back on Earth following a more than six-month mission in space.

Speaking from the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Saint-Jacques told reporters he's doing well, all things considered, just four days after his return.

Saint-Jacques says while he hasn't felt any pain since his return Monday night, balance was an issue and he's been cautious walking and running.

During a mission that began Dec. 3, Saint-Jacques took part in a six-and-a-half hour spacewalk and set a record for the longest single space flight by a Canadian at 204 days.

He also became the first Canadian astronaut to use the Canadarm2 robotic arm to perform a so-called ``cosmic catch'' to snag a SpaceX cargo capsule.

Saint-Jacques says seeing and hugging his children brought him great pleasure and he's looking forward to eventually walking around Montreal and sitting around a camp fire at the cottage.