Death of Nash Creek man prompts calls to change how ambulance services are delivered in N.B.

New Brunswick opposition parties are calling on the Gallant government to take a hard look at how ambulance services are delivered in the province.

This after a David Wayne Harvey of Nash Creek died while waiting twenty minutes for paramedics to arrive from Dalhousie, while an unstaffed ambulance with a defibrillator sat unstaffed just three minutes away.

Tory leader Blaine Higgs wants the province to figure out why so many of the province's ambulances remain unstaffed, while Green Party leader David Coon says the tragedy is further proof a recently-renewed agreement with Medavie to manage Ambulance New Brunswick needs to be turfed.

Coon says it boils down to a management problem that can be fixed by bringing ambulance services under regional health authorities.

Health Minister Benoit Bourque, meanwhile, reiterated staffing levels remain a concern for the province and that he's confident with measures the province and ANB have enacted to continue providing timely coverage in light of the staffing challenges.

In rural areas, like Nash Creek, ANB is contractually required to respond to calls within 22 minutes, 90 per cent of the time.

(with files from the Northern Light)