Dept. of Energy & Resources Development warns wildlife waking up from hibernation

With the arrival of milder temperatures, wildlife are becoming more active and are on the hunt for food.

New Brunswick's Department of Energy and Resource Development says there have been several moose and deer sightings, along with several vehicle collisions involving wildlife over the past few weeks.

The department is reminding motorists to stay alert and to slow down, especially between dusk and dawn when moose are the most active.

Meanwhile, black bears are hungry as they wake up from their winter nap and are looking for a quick, easy meal.

The department says there are several ways to minimize bears trespassing on your property:

  • Wash garbage cans regularly, and using lime or baking soda to reduce odours;
  • Rinse food cans and wrappers before disposal; 
  • Avoid leaving pet food outside;
  • Keep odorous scraps such as meat and fish in your freezer until garbage pickup day;
  • Keep garbage cans in a bear-proof container or in a closed garage until the morning of pickup;
  • Remove bird feeders (especially those with suet) by early April.

The department says these measures are also effective in reducing run-ins with raccoons, skunks, coyotes and foxes which, it says, are a more common nuisance than bears.