Details emerge of alleged animal abuse at now-shuttered Quebec roadside zoo

Court documents from an animal cruelty investigation into a small Quebec zoo allege the animals lacked adequate space, food and water, and sick animals were allowed to suffer without adequate veterinary care.

The newly unsealed documents were filed in May to obtain a warrant in the investigation into the St-Edouard Zoo about 120 kilometres east of Montreal.

They include veterinary reports on the animals and the conditions observed during two visits by the SPCA in 2018, where one vet says she had never seen anything approaching the conditions at the zoo in 15 years of work with zoological institutions in France, the U-S and Canada.

The allegations have not been tested in court.

Zoo owner Normand Trahan is charged with one count each of criminal animal neglect and criminal animal cruelty.

He denies the animals were mistreated.