Doubt grows around Canada's environment commitments ahead of G7

There are some growing doubts about Canada's ability to deliver on its two biggest environment commitments at this week's G7 summit in Quebec.

There is no agreement yet on a plastics waste charter and Canada's recent pipeline purchase is casting a pall over its commitment to climate change.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says it is still uncertain whether Canada will get its proposed zero plastics waste plan signed at the summit.

She told the Canada 2020 conference in Ottawa hat most of the negotiating has already taken place, but was unable to say if all the G-7 leaders will sign the charter when their two-day meeting begins on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also facing increased pressure to deliver a solid climate change commitment, particularly after committing to spend 4.5-billion dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Luca Bergamaschi, the lead Italian negotiator on climate change from last year's gathering, said European leaders see Trans Mountain as evidence Europe will have to carry the ball on climate.