Downtown Bathurst building to remain in disrepair until sold or torn down, owner says

A co-owner of  one of Bathurst's oldest buildings says it will remain in a state of disrepair until it either sells or the city tears it down.

Jimmy Karatzios tells the Northern Light that the city is supposed to help owners restore heritage buildings, but adds he's angry because they're completely neglecting the former Royal Hotel at the corner of King Ave. and Main St.

Karatzios says there were plans to tear it down and build a parking lot for tenants of his other downtown tenants, but adds he lost too much money so it will remain as is.

Bathurst's corporate communications manager, Luc Foulem, says the city aims to find a solution with the property's owners.

The building was constructed in 1790 and is currently vacant.

(with files from the Northern Light)