E-mails detail Parks Canada response to wandering Bison

Emails obtained by The Canadian Press detail how Parks Canada responded when two bison wandered away from Banff National Park last summer.

The animals were released into a remote 1,200-square-kilometre area as part of a reintroduction program.

But amid concerns for public safety, cattle and private property, Parks Canada committed to the Alberta government that it would take action if any of the bison wandered too far outside Banff.

One of the bulls that went missing last summer couldn't be coaxed back into the park, and helicopters large enough to move him were tied up fighting a nearby wildfire.

So that animal was shot, which one Parks Canada email describes as an agonizing decision.

Another urged communications staff not to use language in a media release that made them seem cold-hearted.

A report details all the angry social media comments after the bull's death hit the news.

The second bull was captured three days later and taken away by helicopter before being trucked to Waterton Lakes National Park.