Edmundston advises citizens on potholes

The City of Edmundston is actively working to patch potholes and clear storm sewers in preparation for snow melt.

In a press release yesterday, the city says rain and bad weather can cause potholes to re-emerge, as asphalt simply does not "stick" under these conditions.

Even if cold asphalt is laid overnight, the city cautions these repairs are usually short-lived.

Paul Dionne, Public Works Director, says, "we are well aware of the inconvenience caused by potholes. Our teams are on the ground and we are doing our utmost to mitigate the effects."

Potholes are usually caused by the successive freezing and thawing of roads, and occur following the infiltration of water under pavement during a thaw, which then freezes in colder temperatures, resulting in a lift in the pavement.

During a second thaw period, the ice melts and leaves a cavity under the roadway, with traffic on these voids and the weight of the vehicles weakening the pavement at these places.

The City of Edmundston has provided the following tops for motorists:

-- Do not brake in a pothole: A blocked wheel will always suffer more damage than a wheel in motion. If it is impossible to avoid a hole in the pavement, it is best to release the brake pedal before impact.
-- Tires should be properly inflated to reduce the risk of damage: An over-inflated tire may cause damage to its structure, and a tire that is too soft may cause the wheel to bend or break.
-- You have unfortunately hit a pothole?: It is advisable to check the balance of the wheels, because if there is a malfunction, the tires will undergo a rapid and premature wear.
-- Pay special attention to pedestrians to avoid splashing.
-- Leave a safe distance between you and the car ahead: In this way you will have a better reaction time if you have to brake suddenly, and also you will see better the potholes that are in front of you.
-- If you see a significant pothole, do not hesitate to notify the Public Works Department at 739.2103

According to the press release, final repairs will be done at the opening of asphalt plants, which usually occurs in late May.