Edmundston's mayor rolling out welcome mat for Quebecers upset with religious symbols legislation

A northern New Brunswick mayor is rolling out the welcome mat for Quebecers upset with their province's move to restrict some people from wearing religious symbols.

Cyrille Simard, the mayor of Edmundston, says there are jobs and opportunities for people who want to move to New Brunswick.

The Quebec legislation would prohibit public servants in positions of authority, including teachers, police officers, Crown prosecutors and prison guards, from wearing religious symbols.

Simard said that in just a few days he has received about a dozen resumes and many emails and voicemails from people looking for more information.

Alex LeBlanc, executive director of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council, says New Brunswick is facing unprecedented labour shortages, and immigrants from Quebec would be very welcome.

He says in New Brunswick you're free to wear religious symbols in whatever job you're in.

More than 4,600 immigrants moved to New Brunswick last year.

Groups including Amnesty International have said the Quebec bill contravenes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religion.