Education Department annual report indicates steady enrolment in NB schools

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's annual report shows steady enrolment across the province.

Enrolment had been decreasing since 1991, but the report indicates that numbers were stable for 2016-17.
A contributing factor is the number of newcomers to New Brunswick, with about 650 Syrian students enrolled in provincial schools.

Education Minister and Bathurst-West-Berseford MLA Brian Kenny says the historical information the report contains helps when looking at things like enrolment trends, required resources and class size."

He says the government's 10-year education plans will ensure students get the education they need to live up to their potential.

The report includes more than 20 tables of district and school information.

It also shows the number of educators in the system increased by 109.4 full-time-equivalent positions compared to the previous year.