Education, mental health services a focus on the campaign trail Tuesday

New Brunswick's NDP leader says reducing barriers to education will show young people they are supported.

Jennifer McKenzie re-announced her party's plan for post-secondary education on Wednesday.

First announced in April, McKenzie says an NDP government would provide free community college tuition, reduce university tuition by 25 per cent and eliminate interest on provincial student loans.

Campaigning in Fredericton, McKenzie says her party's platform is shaped in part by youth to send a strong signal to them that they can stay in New Brunswick and build their lives in the province.

The New Democrats don't currently have a seat in the legislature.

The election is Sept. 24.

New Brunswick Liberals say they'll eliminate interest on all current and future provincial student loans, starting in 2019, if they are re-elected in this month's election.

Leader Brian Gallant says the move would provide financial relief to tens of thousands of New Brunswickers.

In order to qualify, your previous year's income taxes will have had to been filed in New Brunswick.

Gallant says by eliminating the interest and doubling investments in the Youth Employment Fund, his government would provide young people the opportunity to build their careers in New Brunswick.

Gallant did not have the costing for the announcement, but said it would be released before the end of the campaign.

On Tuesday, the Liberals announced improvements to the province's free tuition and middle class tuition relief programs.

New Brunswick's Progressive Conservatives are promising improvements to the province's mental health services if they're elected Sept. 24.

Leader Blaine Higgs says more than 4,500 children are currently waiting for psychological assessments for learning disabilities and even more are waiting for treatment.

Higgs says he'd hire 20 new private sector psychologists and create up to 10 internship positions for post-graduate psychologists.

He says over half of the government's psychologist positions are unfilled, resulting in wait times of up to three years.

New Brunswick Green Leader David Coon spent Wednesday preparing for next week's televised leaders' debates.

He has scheduled a news conference Thursday to release his party's commitments concerning home care.