Education Minister: NB aware of NBTA's concern over lack of school psychologists

New Brunswick's Education Minister says his government is very aware of the need for more psychologists working in the province's schools.

Earlier this month, New Brunswick Teachers Association president George Daley said the shortage of school psychologists in the province is nearing crisis mode.

Education Minister Brian Kenny tells the Max 104.9 news room that his government will continue working to find the necessary resources to move forward.

With regards to mental health, the Bathurst-West-Beresford MLA says, government has been working at ensuring schools are a safe environment and that his department has successfully increased its budget over the past three years.

Kenny says the province's Integrated Service Delivery model was implemented to ensure the Departments of Health, Public Safety, Education, and Justice working together to ensure resources are available as soon as possible.

Daley has said he believes school psychologists in New Brunswick are currently overworked, underpaid, and that many opt to work in other provinces offering bigger pay cheques.