Energy company & local municipalities in talks for renewable energy park near Belledune

An energy company is in talks with local communities for a renewable energy park project near Belledune.

Atapaqq Energy Corporation's Raphael Roy says the project is still in the preliminary stage but would involve several energy sources like wind, solar, and hydrogen.

He says 250 to 300 jobs could be created during the construction phase with 15 permanent positions once completed.

Though talks with municipalities have been going well, Roy says provincial regulations have been a challenge.

He says municipalities are not permitted to profit from such a project so efforts are being made to find a way for the money to be reinvested into local communities.

Meanwhile, Bathurst has asked to temporarily withdraw from the project.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie tells the Acadie-Nouvelle that, while his city supports the initiative, it doesn't wish to be directly involved in the project with other communities.

Fongemie did not give a reason for Bathurst's withdrawal from the project.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)