Environmental group says Canadians waste too much food

An international environmental group says Canada is wasting too much food.

The Commission for Environmental Co-operation says from farm to table, 396 kilograms of food annually are wasted or lost per person.

That's compared with 415 kilograms in the United States and 249 kilograms in Mexico.

Aside from the loss of food, the waste costs billions of dollars each year and creates greenhouse gas emissions in landfills.

And consumers are the worst offenders, with each Canadian, on average, tossing away 170 kilograms of food a year.

To help reduce waste, the commission recommends that restaurants reduce portions and for retailers to sell cosmetically imperfect produce at a discount, as some already do.

Expiry date labels could be standardized.

The National Zero Waste Council is praising the report, which was produced at the request of the three NAFTA governments.

A federal strategy is expected this spring.