ESN hosts pair of volleyball tournaments this weekend

ESN will be busy this weekend hosting volley-ball teams from across the Northern New Brunswick for not one, but two tournaments.

Junior Varsity boys play on Saturday, March 25th while Varsity boys take to the court on Sunday, March 26th.

Coach Jonathan Carrier says ESN has two JV teams competing both days.

Saturday, March 25th - Junior Boys(3 sets each):

  • 9:00am      ESN vs. BHS   &    ESN(exhibition) vs. AQV
  • 10:00am    ESN vs. PRP        
  • 10:30am    AQV vs. Mathieu Martin
  • 11:00am    ESA vs. BHS
  • 12:00pm    PRP vs. BHS   &    ESN(exhibition) vs. Mathieu Martin
  • 1:00pm      ESN vs. ESA
  • 2:00pm      PRP vs. ESA
  • 3:00pm      Quarter Final1:  2nd Div. A vs. 3rd Div. B  &  Quarter Final2:  2nd Div. B vs. 3rd Div. A
  • 4:15pm      1st Div. A vs. Winner of Quarter Final2   &   1st Div B. vs. Winner of Quarter Final1
  • 5:30pm      Finals

Sunday, March 26th - Senior Boys:

  • 8:30am      ESN vs. BHS                ESN(JR) vs. DRHS
  • 9:30am      ESN vs. Sugarloaf         ESN(JR) vs. AQV
  • 10:30am    Chipman vs. BHS          Odyssee vs. DRHS
  • 11:30am     Sugarloaf vs. BHS         AQV vs. DRHS
  • 12:30pm     ESN vs. Chipman          ESN(JR) vs. Odyssee
  • 1:30pm      Sugarloaf vs. Chipman & AQV vs. Odyssee
  • 2:30pm      Quarter Final1:  2nd A vs 3rd B  &  Quarter Final2:  2nd B vs. 3rd A
  • 3:45pm      1st A vs Winner of QF2  &  1st B vs Winner of QF1
  • 5:00pm      Finals