Events Chaleur Bathurst to make case for accommodating snowmobile tourists next week

One of the organizations behind a proposal that would give snowmobilers access to local skidoo trails via the KC Irving Centre, is confident a decision can be reached that will satisfy all parties involved.

Last week Bathurst council voted to hold off on deciding the motion, in favour of further consultation, after councillor Samuel Daigle brought up concerns over the safety, and tranquility of those using the nearby non-motorized trail system.

Events Bathurst Chaleur's Isabelle Morrier says the only trail access for visitors to use are at two hotels whose parking lots are already packed with their paying customers.

Morrier says other hotels have had to turn customers away because of the lack of trail access from their establishments.

She says members of her organization will make a presentation to Bathurst council at an upcoming meeting in an effort to what the proposal would do for an industry she says is so important to the Chaleur region.

Morrier says our part of the province has the trails and snow but adds accommodations need to be made in order to attract snowmobilers.

Under the proposal, Morrier says, some hotels would offer a shuttle service from their establishment to the parking area at the KC Irving Centre, a location she says would be central.

She says it's important not to neglect the local snowmobile industry and that such a plan can be made a reality if all stakeholders sit down together to work things out.

Morrier says her group is penciled in to make a presentation to Bathurst council on Monday, March 5th.