Falls are leading cause for seniors hospitalized due to injury: report


New data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information suggests that 80 per cent of seniors hospitalized for an injury were admitted because they fell.

The data was collected from hospitals across Canada between April 1st of 2017 and March 31st of 2018.

At least one fall prevention expert says it's important to recognize how common falls are among those 65 and over, because they can lead to serious complications.

Geoff Fernie is a senior scientist at the University Health Network.

He says older people have a harder time recovering from falls than younger people.

But he notes that many falls are preventable.

Fernie recommends that people make sure they have proper traction on their shoes and boots.

He also suggests getting a pair of running shoes to wear inside the house, because socks and stockings don't mix well with wood and tile floors.