'Father of modern era of North American free trade' weighs in on N.A.F.T.A. talks

Brian Mulroney says Canada needs to put a little more water in its milk if it expects to make a new NAFTA deal with Donald Trump.

Mulroney, who is widely considered the father of the modern era of North American free trade, says the Trudeau government will have to give the hard-bargaining US president something he can tout as a victory for American dairy farmers.

The former Conservative prime minister made the comments in Ottawa today as face-to-face NAFTA talks continued for another day in Washington.

Mulroney says the deal doesn't have to abandon Canada's supply management system for dairy and poultry products.

But he says it will likely have to include a compromise that allows some American access to Canada's dairy market, much in the same way European countries have gained additional access through the Canada-EU trade pact known as CETA.

Ottawa and Washington are trying to reach an agreement that could be submitted to the US Congress by month end.

A deal would see Canada join a preliminary trade agreement the Trump administration struck last month with Mexico.