Federal government to unveil budget today

(CP) - The Trudeau government will unveil a federal budget on Wednesday, March 22nd, that's expected to be heavy on policy and light on spending.

The second budget of the Liberal mandate is poised to focus more on the social policies central to its agenda, from skills to job training, from child care to affordable housing.

In particular, the government plans to take steps they hope will help, and reassure, those who fear being left behind by a coming sea change in how economic engines function around the world.

The budget comes at a time when Ottawa has very little room to introduce new spending. The country has struggled with disappointing growth, and the Liberals have already made billions and billions of dollars worth of commitments in last year's budget.

But even without big-ticket spending, a government source sought Tuesday to counter lowered expectations for the budget, insisting instead that the document would contain ``transformative'' and ``bold'' policy direction.

``Not everything is spending, not everything is money,'' said one Finance Department source, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss details in advance of the budget's release.