Federal Liberals aim to protect Canadian elections from foreign interference

The Liberals are strengthening a bill aimed at preventing foreign interference in Canadian elections.

The Trudeau government has sponsored a number of amendments to Bill C-76, including one that would ban advocacy groups from ever using money from foreign entities to conduct partisan campaigns.

It's also sponsoring an amendment requiring online platforms such as Facebook and Google to create a registry of all digital advertisements placed by political parties or third parties during the pre-writ and writ periods and to ensure they remain visible to the public for two years.

Facebook allows users to view current partisan ads but they disappear from the platform once the ad buy wraps up.

In addition, the government is looking at making it easier for Canadians to vote by restoring the use of voter information cards as a valid form of identification.

New Democrats are seeking to amend the bill so that privacy laws would apply to political parties and change the traditional Monday voting day in Canada to Sunday.