Federal Opposition slams Liberal's carbon tax

The federal Opposition is welcoming 2019 by attacking the Liberal government's carbon tax.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is warning that if Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau this year, the federal carbon tax that's going to take effect will only climb.

The federal government's new carbon pricing system, which starts at a minimum of 20-dollars a tonne and rises 10-dollars annually until 2022, comes into effect this year in provinces that don't have carbon pricing mechanisms of their own.

Scheer, who was speaking at a New Year's Day media briefing in Regina, says that government officials are saying the tax would need to rise to 100-dollars per tonne for it to be effective at reducing carbon emissions.

When asked by a reporter about his own plan to fight climate change, Scheer responded that the Conservatives' plan will help reduce global emissions by capitalizing on Canada's clean technology and cleaner energy, which he said will also keep manufacturing jobs in Canada instead of moving to countries without those things.