Federal Tories unimpressed with circumstances around Liberal M.P.'s resignation

The Conservative Opposition in Ottawa is not impressed with circumstances around the resignation of Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio.

He says he's resigning his seat on January 22nd after weeks of speculation around whether he would ever return to work.

The Montreal MP has not been seen in Ottawa since Parliament resumed sitting September 17th.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer raised the issue in question period, asking if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks it's fair for Di Iorio to remain a member of Parliament and take a paycheque from a private firm while still collecting his salary as an MP.

Di Iorio has an active law practice in Montreal.

Trudeau says Di Iorio has indicated his intention to leave and has shared the issues he will be working on for his constituents until then.

Di Iorio wrote in French on Facebook that he will serve his riding, will work on matters such as road safety and impaired driving, and will be in the House of Commons when it's required to carry out his duties.

He says even after he resigns, he will be available to his constituents until the general election due next fall.