Feds consider paying for affordable housing units to get homeless veterans off streets

The federal government is considering getting into paying for affordable housing units as part of a new push to help homeless military veterans get off the streets.

Expanding the stock of affordable housing for veterans is referenced in a document that outlines potential steps the federal government can take to reduce the number of homeless vets.

There is no dollar figure included, but the funding would likely come from the government's 40-billion-dollar national housing strategy.

The government isn't ready to get into the business of building and managing affordable housing for former soldiers but is instead looking to fund projects from the private sector or other levels of government.

Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O'Regan says the government is figuring out the most effective way to target veterans through the housing strategy.

The ideas in the working document will be part of a day-long event today where more than 70 groups will tell O'Regan and other federal officials today what does and doesn't work.