Feds providing funds to help protect Fredericton from future flooding

Government of Canada

Ottawa is giving $11.4 million to help the City of Fredericton to better protect key transportation systems and municipal infrastructure so essential services can continue during floods.

A release from the Prime Minister's Office says Fredericton has suffered three major floods over the past 11 years, with residents facing the high cost of recovery.

The federal money will also be used to create and expand wetland areas to improve local resilience to flooding.

The Prime Minister said, "In Fredericton, people have seen first-hand the damage and uncertainty caused by extreme weather events. That's why our government is stepping up. By investing in the infrastructure our towns and cities need, we are building safer, more resilient communities, and helping to protect the businesses and services that Canadians rely on."

Once completed, this project will help protect over 27,500 residents within a 12 square kilometer area, and will reduce the number of people directly affected by future flooding.

The funding is coming from the $2-billion Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund, launched in 2017.