Fondation les Amis de l'Hopital de Tracadie holds annual general meeting

A group with the aim of raising funds to improve health care services at the Tracadie-Sheila Hospital is reporting positive results for 2016-17.

At its annual general meeting on Wednesday, The Fondation les Amis de l'Hopital de Tracadie reported investing $206,669 in local health care initiatives:

$177,416 for patient care, diagnosis and follow-up which represents a funding increase of 86 per cent;

$24,938 was invested in specialized regional services and the fight against cancer, an increase of 12 per cent;

$4,275 for continuing education, an increase of 2 per cent.

Board chair Philippe Ferguson says the group is fortunate to be able to count on such support from its partners.

Also during the meeting, members made a few bylaw changes and held board elections for the upcoming year.

Board members include  Monique Savoie(vice-chair), Jacques Robichaud(treasurer), Isabelle Paulin(secretary), Vivianne Thomas(Tracadie-Sheila Hospital representative), Diane Carey, Lawson Lebouthillier, Elsie Godin and Norbert Rousselle.