Foreign Affairs Minister affirms Canada's 'ironclad' support for Jewish state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pleased Canada won't be rushing to restore diplomatic ties with Iran.

During a meeting this week with Netanyahu, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland affirmed Canada's ``ironclad'' support for the Jewish state.

Freeland says their meeting touched on a wide range of pressing global issues, including Canada's own strained relationship with Iran, a country that Israel views as an existential threat.

She says re-establishing relations with Iran will not happen unless the regime allows Maryam Mombeini, an Iranian-Canadian dual citizen, to leave the country.

The Iranian government has denied Mombeini permission to travel after her husband, an environmentalist and university professor, died in a Tehran prison while being held on espionage accusations.

This was Freeland's first Middle East trip, it also included stops in Jordan and the West Bank.