Former Bathurst resident pitches craft beer festival for city's downtown

A former Bathurst residents thinks a craft beer festival would be a good fit for the city's downtown.

Lindsey Edney is seeking permission from council to hold the beer festival on Harbourview Boulevard on August 1st of 2020 and would like to see the street shut down for the event.

She says the event would showcase New Brunswick craft beer producers with a special focus on producers from the northern part of the province.

Edney says organizers are committed to minimizing the festival's environmental impact by using paperless ticketing, reusable glass tasting cups.

She says there would be no bottled water on site and that drinking water would be in large 'Gatorade' containers while any disposable cups would be biodegradable.

Half of the profits from the festival would to to support local charities while the remainder would be cycled back into the event with a long-term goal of becoming 100 per cent non-profit.

The event also requires approval from the province via a special events permit, however that requires the city of sign off on the event first.

Bathursts's mayor says council will discuss the matter and make a decision at a later date.