Former justice minister: banning home-grown pot paternalistic, unenforceable

A former federal justice minister says banning Canadians from growing their own marijuana once it becomes legal would be ``paternalistic'' and ``unenforceable.''

Anne McLellan, who chaired the federal task force on cannabis legalization, told a Senate committee yesterday that she doesn't think too many people will opt to grow their own weed once it's legalized.

And she says trying to stop them from doing so sends a message that the government doesn't trust its citizens.

The government's bill to legalize recreational pot would allow individuals to grow up to four plants per dwelling.

The provision has raised concerns among some senators, as well as apartment and condo owners, municipalities and police.

Meantime, the Quebec and Manitoba governments have decided to prohibit home cultivation altogether, setting up a possible constitutional squabble between Ottawa and the provinces.