Fredericton company seeks partnership with city of Bathurst to build wind farm

A Fredericton company wants to team up with the city of Bathurst to build a wind farm in the Grade-Anse area.

Naveco Power will submit a proposal to NB Power under its "Locally Owned Renewable Energy Projects" program that could result in five wind turbines capable of generating 20 megawatts of power, enough to run approximately 9,000 households.

On Tuesday, April 18th Bathurst council approved a motion to support the company's proposal.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says it's an innovative approach for a municipality to be involved in a clean energy project.

A community investment fund would be set up to finance the $50 million project.

Naveco Power's Amit Virmani says the company and Bathurst will work together on a funding strategy to minimize any impact to tax-payers.

If NB Power accepts the proposal, the project could result in 100 jobs during the construction phase, with another ten created to maintain the wind farm.

(with files from the Northern Light)