Freeland's childbirth metaphor on NAFTA: Contractions happening, due date TBD

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is using a childbirth metaphor to describe the state of the NAFTA negotiations.

She says contractions are happening, but it's unclear when a new deal will be delivered.

Her comment comes after the first of what might be several meetings with the U.S. trade czar, in an anticipated days-long effort to complete a trade agreement.

Freeland says the countries are now sharing feedback gathered from auto-industry stakeholders over recent days.

She arrived in Washington on Monday and met her Mexican counterpart to discuss Mexico's latest suggestions for resolving a key sticking point of these talks: auto parts.

Mexico and the U.S. are sharply divided over an American plan that would credit companies for building cars in wealthier, high-wage countries, in other words, outside Mexico.