French President, Quebec's Premier discuss protecting French language

French President Emmanuel Macron has told Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard that protecting the French language does not mean speaking it exclusively.

The two leaders met yesterday at the president's official residence in Paris, for the first time since Macron's election last May.

Macron has been criticized in the past for speaking English in public.

He was asked by a reporter whether he was doing enough to defend the status of the French language around the world.

The president said he was inspired by what he called the ``North American example.''

He says he never hesitates to express himself at times in French or in the language of the host country or equally in English while on the international scene.

Couillard said most Quebecers agreed with Macron's statement, they want to defend French, but also want to learn other languages.

One of the main themes of Couillard's trip is aerospace, today the premier is scheduled to tour the Airbus factory in Toulouse and meet with management.